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René Lacôte, Paris, France, c.1840. Highly decorated spruce top, high quality ceylon satinwood for back and sides.

Rare model, probably made for the English market. low action, very rich tone, easy to play.

PRICE: Inquire

Pierre Marcard, Mirecourt, France, c.1840. Spruce top with beautiful sculpted inlays. Back and sides in brazilian rosewood.

Very good condition, easy playing, action medium. A very high quality guitar by a "top 5" maker in Mirecourt at the beginning of the 19th century.


(+/-4850USD or 4250EUR)

Marêt Ainé, Mirecourt, France, 1848.

Spruce top, maple back and sides. Original soundhole. Simple, but  interesting maker. Strings length 61cm, nut 4,2cm


(+/-2500EUR or 2750USD)

Anton Kiendl,

Vienna, 1843. Spruce top, maple back and sides.


Hyppolite-Collin, Paris, France c.1830. 

Spruce top with nice bridge and decorative stripes. Pegs. Brazilian rosewood back and sides. Scalopped fretboard.

Low action, easy to play, very nice round tone. A really good instrument.


(+/-4500USD, or 3400EUR)

Mougeot, Mirecourt, France, c.1830

Spruce top, beautiful brazilian rosewood back and sides.


LOUIS Panormo guitar with peghead bearing the original label: Panormo fecit anno 1828, ser.# 1721, London, 40 or 46 High Street, Bloomsbury. Nice varnish, good flamed maple back, no cracks, maple sides with some repairs, spruce top with some repaired cracks, some repairs to the bindings at the bottom of the top, ebonized neck and peghead with 6 original pegs, medium action, fingerboard with fingermarks at 1st and 2nd position, bone nut, original bridge. Nice original condition. In original wooden coffin case. Measurements: - total length 91,7 cm - scale 63,7 cm - body length 44,7 cm - upper bout 21,2 cm - middle bout 16,4 cm - lower bout 29,2 cm - lowest rim 7,7 cm - highest rim 9,1 cm - nut 4,8 cm.



Dubois (attributed to Aubry-Maire). c.1840.

Brazilian rosewood back and sides, Spruce top. Beautiful decorated rosette.


Martin 1840s 16 size 3 Parlor Nylon-String Acoustic Guitar

A true piece of history from Martin's first two decades of manufacturing guitars. Christian Frederick Martin arrived in North America in 1833 in New-York. Before that, he was an apprentice with the most important Viennese luthier of its time, Johann Georg Stauffer. There is a fair chance that this guitar has been built by C.F. Martin himself as it was built in the 1840s. This guitar is in good playing condition, and is strung with Nylon strings, tuned in 430hz to relieve tension. 


According to the grand daughter of the previous owner, the guitar has been in the same house (see last picture) for about 100 years. The house was built shortly after the Civil War. The house was in Indiana and was on the underground railroad, the secret routes used by enslaved African-Americans to escape into free states. The man was a judge and his wife was a poetress and they were respectively from Philadephia and New Jersey. She was a Remington, as in the rifle company. 

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Lorca, Antonio: Malaga - Spain dated 1833. Spruce top with an old diamond shaped repair under the bridge and a oval ebony finger-rest, dark brown solid Brazilian rosewood back, solid Brazilian rosewood sides, mahogany peghead with rosewood faceplate and six original ebony pegs, ebony fingerboard with metal frets and bone nut.  The guitar comes in original wooden coffin case. Owners seal on back of the head. 

PRICE: Inquire

François Tachet, Mirecourt, c.1840

Spruce top with beautiful inlay rosette. Very well preserved, no crack on the table, back or sides. Back and sides from very nice maple.

Action low-medium. Bridge a little high. Ivory mechanisms, in perfect condition. A very fine romantic guitar!

Diapason 62,6cm



c.1830, Mirecourt. Spruce top, mahogany back and sides. Brown/orange varnish.

Scale: 64,6cm,

nut 4,9cm, body length 46cm.

Newly restored, very easy and comfortable to play, medium action.


Anonyme, c.1850

French, probably made for the English market. High quality ivory tuners, in very good condition. Spruce top, beautiful flamed maple back and sides. Very powerful sound. Medium action. Extremely confortable to play. 

Scale: 62,7cm, nut: 4,6cm. Body length: 44cm


Antoine Lacasse, 2019

Spruce Lutz top, wenge for Back and sides, bridge and fingerboard.

Neck in maple.

Strings length 64cm at the higher point and 65 at the lower point.


(+/-4500USD, 4000EUR)

Anonymous guitar c.1880

Imported by Murphy in Manchester, England.

High quality guitar, spruce top with nice inlays, beautiful rosewood back and sides. Very deep and round sound.

Confortable medium action. One piece bridge. Very fine condition. Strings length 63cm.


(+/- 3500USD or 3100EUR)

Louis Panormo, London, 1830

Very interesting model, spruce soundboard decorated with rosewood and maple stringing set with mother of pearl circles. Ebonised neck and maple back and sides, with original case.

The instrument is currently in Europe.

Inquire for more informations and price.

Albin Graupner, Germany, c.1870-1900.

Very interesting pear shape, recently restored. Spruce top, cyprus back and sides.

Strings lenght 62,5cm, nut :4,3cm


PRICE : 2300CAD$


Anonymous, Mirecourt, France, c.1830.

It's a pity that we don't know the maker of this fantastic instrument. Beautiful maple back and side, Spruce top with nice inlays. String lenght 64cm, nut 4,7cm. Medium action, very confortable. A true beauty for a cheap price!


Pierre CHAROTTE c.1820

Mirecourt, France.

Simple but very good guitar, recently restored. Spruce top, beautiful flame maple back and side. Pegs. 

Strings lenght 63,8cm, nut 4,7 cm


Augustin Claudot, c.1810

Augustin Claudot (1776-1843) à Mirecourt, France.
Descendant d’une importante lignée de luthiers mirecurtiens, fils de Charles Ier Claudot (1750-1828), il apprend la lutherie sous la houlette de son père, puis, au décès de ce dernier, reprend la marque au fer dit Marquis de l’air d’oiseau. Réalisant des instruments à la facture soignée, Augustin Claudot a pour principaux collaborateurs ses deux frères, Nicolas et Charles II. Usant d’essences bien choisies, la maison Claudot applique un vernis jaune tirant sur le brun orangé. 64,2cm. Nut 4,6cm


No longer for sale. Now part of the collection

Anonymous c.1830, Mirecourt, France. Very nice spruce top without crack, new ebony bridge, pegs and fretboard. Maple back and sides.

Strings length 62cm, nut 4,4cm. Medium action. Very comfortable. Simple but very good instrument!


Nicolas-Henry c.1840, Mirecourt. Beautiful maple back, spruce top with bone stripes, good mechanics, decorative rosette.

Strings length 62cm, nut 4,6cm

PRICE : 4000CAD$ 

(+/- 3000USD, 2600EUR)

Gennaro di Roma 1888

Very interesting lat 19th italian guitar, unique model. Spruce top and maple back and sides.

Strings length 60cm, nut 4,4cm

PRICE : 2800CAD$

(+/-1850EUR or 2100USD)

Anonymous c.1800, France, very early romantic guitar with beautiful wine leaves bridge. Spruce top, maple back and sides, ebony fingerboard. Strings length 63,5cm, nut 4,7cm. Medium action.


Petit Jean l'ainé c.1845, Mirecourt

Spruce top, nice solid flame maple back and sides, mechanics in good shape, nicely decorated rosette.

String length 62,7, nut 5cm.

PRICE : 4500CAD$

(+/- 2950EUR, 3350USD)

Charotte-Millot c.1830, Mirecourt.

Very beautiful maple back and side, spruce top with dot inlays. Just perfectly restored with medium action, easy to play, nice and powerful basses and round highs.

Strings length 64,6cm, nut 4,7cm.

PRICE : 5500CAD$$

(+/- 3500EUR, 4000USD)

En restauration/In restoration process


Bonnel, Rouen, 1825

Bambino Juan Gomez, Barcelona

Soriot, 1830

Anonyme, Mirecourt, c.1830

Georg Adam Krausch c.1810

Jean-Joseph Coffe c.1840

Thibouville-Lamy c.1860

Anonymous German c.1880

Anonymous Mirecourt c.1820

Bernard Cabasse c.1830

Anonymous french c.1800

Meriel fils, Caen, c.1860

Anonymous Petit Jean style c.1790

Duparis, c.1830

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Anonymous c.1820

Children guitar, c.1820, Mirecourt, France